Roland TB-303 DEVIL FISH



Serviced, overhauled, and calibrated by experienced synth engineer.  It has minor scratches and cosmetic wear due to age but overall is in great shape.

The TB-303 is known for its ACID sound.  It’s a very popular sound used in techno.  The TB-303 is a monophonic analog bass synthesizer with a pattern based step sequencer.  This unit features a single analog oscillator with two waveforms (square and ramp).  There are knobs such as the VCF, resonance, envelope, tuning, envelope decay, tempo and accent amount.  

The TB-303 has become one of the most popular synthesizer ever since it has been a very important part of electronic music including House, Acid Techno, Trance and Ambient.  

This unit has been loved by many well known artist even to this day.

The Devil Fish Modification from Robin Whittle in Australia has added something that a normal TB-303 cannot achieve.  It has extended the range of the filters and sound.  With really great features such as Overdrive, Accent Decay, Accent Sweep and ofcourse the red Accent button, this gives the users to create more unique, harsher and stronger acid sounds.