Korg EM-570 in Excellent condition


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Korg EM-570 Echo Mixer

in Excellent condition

This unit has been serviced. All functions are working without any problem.

Overall physical condition is clean.  The unit has some signs of age, cosmetic wear and little damage

on a small point of the surface of cable. but nothing to do with the performance and sound of the unit.

The voltage for this item is 100V. You will be able to use it in North America Main Voltage of 115/120V without a transformer. However for long use, we do recommend using a step down transformer to perfectly match the voltage.

A step down transformer is needed for use in countries with voltage other regions such as EU/ UK. Please kindly check the voltage of your country before purchasing the item.

If needed, we can supply step down transformers, so please kindly let us know when purchasing.