Roland Juno 106
Roland Juno 106Roland Juno 106Roland Juno 106

Roland Juno 106

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Product Description

The Juno 106 is a very popular and used analog polysynth.  It is known for its great sounds and for it being very easy to control.  The Juno 106 has the same engine as the  other Juno series, the Juno 60 but the 106 comes with MIDI which makes it much easier and convenient in any studio environment.  
The Juno 106 is a six voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with 128 patches.  It also comes with a Chorus to make the sounds fatter  The DCO is very stable and always in perfect tune while maintaining the characteristics of an analog sound.  The unit also has a great 24dB/oct analog lowpass filter with resonance.   There is also a very easy to used LFO in which you can modulate the pitch and VCF Cutoff.  
The Juno 106 is a very easy to use and powerful synthesizer!