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Product Description

The Yamaha DX-5 is based on the legendary synthesisers from Yamaha, the DX-1 and DX-7.  Sounding very close to the DX-1, the Yamaha DX-5 has dual 6 operator FM synth engines, which is equivalent to having two DX-7 in one unit.  The DX-5 has 64 performance memories which can be loaded or saved onto a cartridge.  
The DX-5 is a digital synthesizer but it sounds very unique with a feel in between analog and digital.  All the DX series use Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesizer.  The keyboard also can be layered or split.  
A very unique high quality vintage synthesizer!  

Additional Information

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 131 x 54 x 17 cm