DHL Express Tokyo with tracking number.

Item will arrive approximately in 3-7 days. For customization of turntables it may take longer.

Please understand that it may take a while to process import custom.

Buyers are responsible for any import tax fee.


We guarantee that all items our covered by our warranty. Warranty period is 35 days from the day of shipment and in any case of defect, photo/video showing the defect with explanation is necessary.

We provide description and photos from various angles to show the condition of the item. Cosmetic wear or visual condition of the item is NOT covered by our warranty or reason for refund.

All items listed on this website is 100V (Japan Voltage) unless specified. It is the buyer`s responsibility to check the voltage of your country and to use item with the correct voltage transformer. Any damage caused by different voltage is not covered by our warranty.

Potentiometer`s crackles after few days of non-use is not considered a functional defect. By rotating or sliding the knob, this can be fixed.

Our warranty is not transferable if you decide to sell to another user.

In any case of return, the item must be returned in the original package.

The warranty also covers the transportation cost of the item in any repair or return process within the warranty period.

Procedure if any problem would be as follows

First please kindly email us at ” ” with full description of the problem along with video or photo showing the problem. We will respond to your email within 48 hours. We will then find and contact a repair store closest to your area to see if the case would be repairable.

If the problem is repairable, we will cover all costs related to the repair along with transportation cost.

If the problem is not repairable, we will give a full refund.
In this case, please kindly re-pack the item for return with the original packaging, and we will have DHL pick up the item. Once we confirm from DHL that the item has been picked up, we will give full refund of the item and shipping cost.

In any delay of notifying us of the product defect and this cause further damage to the product, we have the right to reduce our liability.

Our warranty cover for conditions below

  1. The product has not been abused, mishandled, or been used beyond its limits.
  2. The product has not been powered by unsuitable power supply, or powered by different voltage (buyers must use proper transformer)
  3. The product has not been modified by you or has a defect caused by replacing parts or use of accessories which are not part of the original component when receiving the item.

NOTE: During the warranty period, opening the machine by any person other than a technician we specify, we will cancel the warranty immediately.

We are confident in our customer service. If anything worries you, you can see our past customer review on eBay